Camille Polsk
Forest Flesh

Forest Flesh

Signed print

"Forest Flesh" is an abstract photograph captured and processed by Camille Polsk. I am an Swedish multi faceted artist. I create abstract art and paint with the camera. I use different objects and light sources to create an effect that has a deeper esoteric meaning. This specific piece represent the veins of mother Earth and her connection to us. When you buy my work you will also receive a channeled affirmation connected to the piece. A good use for this affirmation is during meditation.

The art work is printed on exclusive Fine Art paper(308 g). Sleek paper structure. 100% cotton. Acid free.

Together with the art work you will receive an affirmation connected to this specific print. The artwork is signed by the artist on the back side of the print.

Just for clarification: The "Copyright Camille Polsk" text will not appear on the actual print;)

650 SEK